Worried about carbon pollution and global warming?  Want a stable climate?  Our future is created by legislation.  If your legislators aren't offering you the future you want for your children, fire them.

Our mission is to make rapid progress on restoring a stable climate.

We endorse politicians who we believe appreciate the urgency of climate change.  We are very biased - in favor of our children's future.  We want you to vote for these candidates and contribute to their campaigns.  We aren't interested in filling up your inbox with emails.  We don't want your money.  We just want you to vote.

Provide us with your email to receive a climate-based voting guide to Oregon elections.  If you have information about candidates that you think is important, please send it to us.  If you want to contribute to this PAC, by all means go right ahead, we will use the money to increase our outreach.  Tell your friends about us.